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Display all disks and exit format without having to be interactive.

# echo | format


Running a T4-x or T5-x server, try these cli commands to display ILO info from Solaris

  • ilomconfig
  • hwmgmtcli


LDOMs: Powering off the primary domain

To power-off your primary domain (LDOM platform) you will need to use < # init 0 > followed by a power off from the console. An < # init 5 > will behave as an < # init 6 > if you have LDOMs configured.


Problems with < format > hanging, enter this at the cli and then run format again



Format new root disk with same vtoc as rootmirror disk.

# prtvtoc /dev/dsk/”root-mirror” > /tmp/root-mirror.txt

# fmthard -s /tmp/root-mirror.txt /dev/dsk/”root-disk”


Add a disk to a running Non-Global Zone (NGZ) from Global Zone (GZ) without a reboot

# mount -F lofs /<GZ mountpoint> /<NGZ mountpoint>


Display static routes created at bootup

# route -p show

# route get default


Check out the power of ZFS Auto-Snaps on Solaris 11

When the Time Slider tool is enabled, ZFS file system snapshots are created based on the following criteria:

Descr      – Period, keep
frequent  – snapshots every 15 mins, keeping 4 snapshots
hourly      – snapshots every hour, keeping 24 snapshots
daily         – snapshots every day, keeping 31 snapshots
weekly     – snapshots every week, keeping 7 snapshots
monthly  – snapshots every month, keeping 12 snapshots



How to unpack an RPM without installing it

# rpm2cpio <rpm-packet>.rpm | cpio -idv


How to install mulitple packages listed in a text file

# yum install $(< pkglist.txt)


How to view different architecture version of a rpm packet t.ex ksh

# rpm -q –queryformat “%{name}.%{arch}\n” pdksh-5.2.14-36.el5


NIC aggregation

Solaris -> RHEL -> Windows -> CISCO

NIC Aggregation -> NIC Bonding -> NIC Teaming -> PortChannel

VLAN tagging

Solaris -> CISCO

Solaris mulitple VLANs over same NIC aggregation -> CISCO TRUNK for multiple VLANs on same PortChannel


This is a virtual PortChannel that allows links that are physically connected to two different CISCO Nexus switches to appear as a single PortChannel. This is switch side of server NIC redundancy


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